Dummy Savers

Dummy Savers

KissKiss HugHug™ Dummy Savers

Keep your baby’s dummy clean with a dummy saver by KissKiss HugHug.


Gone are the days of those cheap plastic chains. Now add style to your baby’s clothes with a dummy saver made of reversible grosgrain ribbon complimented with a trendy silver buckle!


Design Features 


  • Dummy stays clean for longer
  • Dummy is always within baby’s reach
  • Dummy is easily removed for cleaning
  • Fashionable metal buckle
  • Secure enough so baby cannot unclip
  • Great for daycare
  • Suitable for all ages

    Stop finding dummy’s all over your house, at $9.95, the KissKiss HugHug dummy saver will pay for itself many times over!


    Warning: Always remove Dummy Saver from baby when unattended or sleeping. There is a strangulation risk if it is attached to loose parts of baby's clothing or cords; if it is tied around baby's neck; if there is slack in the ribbon when attached to baby's clothing. Check clip periodically to ensure it is properly fastened.

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